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Zappostrophe - EPK v4

Zappostrophe - EPK v4

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Frank Zappa's music - Re-imagined

This exciting new project explores the demanding music of the iconoclastic composer Frank Zappa. Choosing selections from different eras of Frank’s career, the music is played with excitement, precision, and humour.
A typical show will include everything from Zappa's most popular recordings to lesser known gems of his prodigious output. Rock, jazz, doo-wop, classical - Zappostrophe' plays it all! As we are always adding new material (and there is a lot to choose from) no two shows are exactly the same...

How We Got Here

The band developed gradually over a number of years. Bob Caldwell and Blair Fisher were both on the music faculty at Douglas College and we put together a number of concerts that had a Zappa theme. 

The first was actually in the year 2000 and featured a medley of Run Home Slow and Dupree’s Paradise for trumpet, keys, electronic drums and MIDI sequences. 

After that we started gradually expanding our instrumentation – many of the players have also been involved in the Douglas College Night Band, and we are grateful for the support of Douglas College Music and Music Technology programs for their support over the years. 

The original nucleus of Zappostrophe’ as we know it now was Blair Fisher-trumpet, flute and vocals, Bob Caldwell-drums, Nick Apivor-mallets and percussion, Blair Lewis-guitar, Guenter Schulz-guitar, Mike Simpson-keys.

More recent members include LJ Mounteney-vocals and Brent Gubbels-bass

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