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I never miss a Zappostrophe show.

Charles Ulrich, author of The Big Note: A Guide to the Recordings of Frank Zappa


To whom it may concern (and that’s probably you).

I booked Zappostrophe to play a show Saturday Jan 11 at The Patricia Hotel as part of a long-running series called Jazz @ The Pat. I was taking a leap of faith given that only two of the band members had played the Pat previously and because Frank Zappa’s music doesn’t fit easily into the jazz silo. In fact his music is complicated, dense and challenging. Thank goodness it is also funny.

But would anyone turn out to hear and see the show? Would our regulars be offended? What would happen?

No need to worry. The Pat was packed and packed early. (We legally sit 180+.) Standing room only. 

The lineup at the bar was endless. The music was awesome. The crowd went wild. And the regulars were delighted. Who knew there were so many die-hard Zappa fans in Vancouver? But there they were, singing along.

Now you know. If you are thinking about booking Zappostrophe you needn’t worry. You won’t be taking a flier. It’s a sure thing.


Roderick MacDonald

Curator: Jazz @ The Pat


There are probably fewer departed musicians whose music is more difficult to play than Frank Zappa, and this band did a terrific job of it last night. While I was watching this great performance I kept wondering the number of hours they spent rehearsing to get it right, and they did. I recommend highly.

John Haviland

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